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Houses are like children!

At first, a wish arises.

Project is like a chromosome set – it defines both common features and unique individuality.

Then we gestate your future house thoroughly and carefully.

And at last, it comes to you.

Under a truck tent it is like in the maw – already there, but not yet born.

And finally, the birth process – just a few days ago there was nothing, but suddenly a newly born house appears.

He has to face a lot before becoming strong and healthy – a real Home which will warm you up during cold winter nights and chill you in summer heath, but the main event has already happened – a new house has come into the world!

For us all houses are like children – all are different and each is unique.

We love them all.

If you want to have your own house – welcome to our family!

Our clients

Yannis (Chania, Crete island, Greece)

Max (Netherlands)

Patrice (Haisnes, France)

Iouannou (Kastoria, Greece)

Kerli (Raasiku, Estonia)
All excellent, enjoyed it. If ever I will need to build a house again – I'll do it with 'PrefabHome'.

Gvidas (Jonava, Lithuania)
They suggested using their massive glued panels, for joist system. It seemed too expansive for me. As result, we have the floor heating only on the first floor. If I knew how grate it would feel – I would pay extra, just to have the floor heating on the second floor, as wall.

Jonas (Sandvika, Norway)
Then my architect showed me the project – it looked very modern and avant-garde. After the building was finished – in reality, my house occurred not as nice-looking as I thought. I'm disappointed.

Maris (Baltezers, Latvia)
We were satisfied with the quality, but they promised to manufacture the kit in a month. In reality, it took almost two. We missed the building season.

Oleg (Lici, Latvia)
Me and my neighbor started building our houses simultaneously. We had moved in almost six months ago – he is still doesn't have rafters finished.

Maria (Sakyla, Finland)
Most our friends live in houses made of stone. But when it is cold or extreme hot outside – they prefer get together in our home. They liked the special microclimate of warmth and freshness at the same time, we have in our house. If I told them how small our bills for heating are – they would be envy. But I wouldn't – they are our friends.