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How to order?

You can order:
- House production according to your individual project.

To order:
- House production according to your individual project: you need to fill in the appropriate form and to attach the project files.

After filling in the form you need to pay a RETURNABLE deposit of 300 euro.

Having paid the deposit you will get a personal project manager who will consult you during one month on all the questions connected with purchase and construction of your house:
- Final price (with possible discount);
- Configuration;
- Delivery;
- Assemblage;
- Construction consulting etc.

If you are not satisfied in the end of the month, the deposit will be returned to you fully.

Why do we require the deposit?

Our company's slogan is: Each client's euro for the quality of product.

We cannot allow the situation when our clients (people who pay money) cover consultations and service for those who take interest in our product just for the sake of curiosity.

By paying the deposit you demonstrate that your intentions are serious and let us treat you as our potential client.

If after one month you are ready to make an order, you will need to pay 10% of the total cost (minus 300 euro which you have already paid).

When we receive the payment, you get the complete project documentation package:
- Floor plans;
- Views;
- Sections with DIN measures;
- Weight calculations;
- Assembly diagrams etc.

Besides, we guarantee that the price will remain the same during six months from the point when you have paid the 10% deposit.

This time will be enough for you to obtain all the necessary permissions and to start the real construction works.

In order to start the production process, you will need to pay 30% from the project cost.

When your house is ready, you will receive a notification and pay 60% of the project cost.

After the successful assemblage, please send us some photos and your feedback. Thus you will become a member of the happy family of people who live in houses.